Who We Are

“Begin with the end in mind”

Steven Covey

Strategic Development Group is an Arizona limited liability company with a focus on commercial real estate development and an emphasis on creating Class A quality self-storage and other commercial development projects on a national level. We have developed and built in Arizona and Oklahoma and have projects pending in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma.    

We have no intention of becoming the biggest name in what we do; rather, our vision is to be the best. Our commitment is not in meaningless expansion, but in creating best-in-class projects in the right locations, on time, and on budget. The founding partners of Strategic Development Group, Mark Phillips and Karl Thompson, bring nearly 60 years of combined experience, passion, and expertise to their work, and it shows. Our track record speaks to years of attention to detail, and in self-storage, the finer points mean everything.

Our commitment, first and foremost, is honoring the relationships we have with our investors – to preserving and growing their capital and demonstrating excellence. No two visionaries could operate this caliber of efficient, thorough development on their own. We believe there is strength in leaning on relationships and the niche expertise of our affiliate partners and counsel; Karl’s and Mark’s wealth of experience is complemented by the rich and diverse backgrounds of our affiliate partners at 180 Self-Storage, LLC. In other words, Strategic Development Group is the shared venture of dedicated partners with hundreds of years of combined experience.

Our partners and affiliates have done extensive work in raising equity and investment. They have foundational understandings of construction practices, pitfalls, and perils – have mastered ground-up development and legal minutia. Our collective experience spans across a dozen specialties in real estate and development, and the result is unmatched management of investors’ capital and the processes we carry out.